Finland suspends flights from Skopje until August 29


Finland has suspended flights arriving from Macedonia until August 29 as most of the passengers infected with COVID-19 arrived from this country.

The flight suspension comes two days after another 17 passengers who arrived on a Wizz Air flight from Skopje to Turku on Tuesday tested positive for COVID-19. A total of 113 out of 127 passengers on the plane were tested, and all were quarantined.

The issue started on Saturday 8th August, when Wizz Air flight arrived in Turku from Skopje, with 26 passengers who later tested positive for COVID-19. The next flight, on Tuesday 11th August, carried a further five passengers infected with COVID-19. Then there were another twelve on the subsequent flight, on Saturday 15th August.

The majority of the passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 on the flights from Skopje to Turku are Kosovo passport holders.

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