Micevski: VMRO-DPMNE will reject the re-election of Xhaferi for Parliament Speaker


VMRO-DPMNE will not support the proposal for re-election of Talat Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker, said Nikola Micevski from the opposition party, explaining that Xhaferi did not perform well in his past term.

“Let’s give an example that this legislature can work according to the law and the constitution, but this ruling majority is the same ruling majority that abused the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament. With 62 MPs, there is no functionality or stable work in this legislature, and it will not go far. You see, you manage for two days and give various statements in the media and it is difficult for you”, said Micevski.

He added that the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group will not support the re-election of Talat Xhaferi because the proposal states that “in the previous term he successfully managed the Parliament”, and according to Micevski “if the parliamentary majority thinks so, then they have a problem.”

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