Leader of Alliance for Albanians: Macedonian political parties are interested in having an ethnically clean state, DUI helps them


The Alliance for Albanians leader Zijadin Sela in an interview with the Albanian television RTV Ora, said that the Macedonian parties want to create an ethnically clean state and that DUI is helping them in that. He posted this on his Facebook profile.

“Macedonian political parties are interested in having an ethnically clean Macedonian state in a multiethnic reality. Macedonia depends on the two main peoples, the Albanians and the Macedonians. The politics of the last 30 years have made them build their own nation-state. Along with DUI, they succeed, because the emigration rate of Albanians is very high. People leave because they are disappointed. The last elections they won were stolen because they dealt with threats and blackmail for dismissal. We reached 12 MPs. We did not have members of the commission at the polling stations and they manipulated the voting,” Sela wrote.

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