DUI official starts a new business while fleeing


The ruling DUI Ohrid councilor, businessman and fugitive Nefi Useini is expanding his business, and although he is fleeing the police, that has not stopped him from opening a new company in Bitola, 70km away, to produce construction materials.

The company Beton 2020 N&O DOO Bitola is a partner with Oliver Tilovski from Bitola, and NefiUseini is its manager.

Today is the sixth day that the police cannot locate Useini, who has been remanded in custody and is on the run. In this case, the police and the Ohrid Prosecutor’s Office are prosecuting NefiUseini and his brother for two crimes, violence and illegal possession of weapons, after security camera footage of the incident was recorded at the scene.

Useini (42) is a DUI councilor in the municipality of Ohrid and at the same time a businessman who builds and owns illegal buildings in the city and the surrounding area, which have not been demolished so far, except for the concrete base at the entrance to Ohrid.

NefiUseini has had many criminal charges over the years, but only one suspended sentence. He was prosecuted for violence, aggravated theft, causing general danger, forging passports, endangering security, but has not served a single day in prison.

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