The new algorithm for “healing” of patients with Covid-19 has been put into operation


The Ministry of Health announced that as of Tuesday, the new algorithm for recovered COVID-19 patients is operational in the “Moj Termin” system. The new algorithm applies to patients at home, but does not cover hospitalized patients. The day of the first positive test is taken as the first day of illness.

Unlike the previous algorithm, where after 14 days it was necessary to obtain two negative consecutive tests in a period of 24 to 48 hours, according to world research, now one patient, if asymptomatic in a period of 10 days, will be considered healed on the 11th day. If a patient had symptoms during the illness, he will be considered healed after a minimum of 20 days, i.e. 21 days only if he has not had symptoms of the disease for the last three consecutive days, according to the Ministry.

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