Playgrounds, educational institutions, entertainment facilities require urgent protocols and financial assistance


Playgrounds, private institutions for education and care of children, facilities for weddings, birthdays, baptisms, as well as other family celebrations, which are closed by a Government Decree due to COVID-19 and have not generated any income for six months, expect the new Government to urgently solve their financial problem, otherwise announce a protest.

“We are talking about over 1,000 entities, which are on the verge of collapse and in an extremely difficult situation. The companies from these activities require urgent protocols for starting work or, if it is decided to keep them closed, to adopt measures for financial support with which they will survive the crisis. These sectors are forcibly closed, they have no income and although they are still generating salary, rent and overhead costs, they have not had any financial support for months,” says the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia.

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