Spasovski: No need for any transitional or caretaker government as institutions have sufficient capacity


There is no need for any transitional or caretaker government, since I believe that these institutions have sufficient capacity to respond to citizens’ needs and to enable them to make a free decision, PM Oliver Spasovski told Thursday at the final press conference as caretaker prime minister.

Asked that he is probably the last interim prime minister, Spasovski said that the model of forming a government according to the Przino agreement was agreed in conditions during the rule of authoritarian regime.

“Now the circumstances are completely different. Both local and presidential elections as well as referendum were conducted which were held in free, fair and democratic atmosphere. In this regard, the faster the technical government is abandoned, the sooner the institutions will become more democratic, and people will have more trust in institutions and the country will be more democratic,” Spasovski added.

He underlined that nothing is the same since 2016 when the country was labelled captive state, and that now the level of political entities is higher and the citizens’ awareness levels are higher.

“Every democratically elected government that will stand for the principles of freedom, democracy, solidarity, progress, responsibility, honesty will be able to organize fair and democratic elections at any time thus enabling to bring European values home,” he said.

Asked whether the new government ministers could meet Pendarovski’s expectations of seeing qualified people with pro-European capacities and clean anti-corruption records, Spasovski said he was confident in the capacity of the proposed cabinet members.

“I’m convinced that persons nominated for ministers are socially responsible, experts and competent persons that will be committed to the European perspectives, to strengthen Macedonia economically and to continue building it in all fields,” Spasovski said.

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