Miloshoski: Instead of a credit ombudsman we got a second TAT, this will be a government of great economic disappointments


Instead of a credit ombudsman, we got a second TAT, the collapse of a bank with the prior knowledge of the Minister of Finance and the then Prime Minister that it had risky placements. And with those who previously knew and were close to them to withdraw their money and 30,000 pensioners and maybe another 10,000 legal entities to remain unprotected and damaged. That is why I think that this government will be a government of great economic disappointments, said the VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoskiat Saturday’s parliamentary session.

SDSM leader and PM-designate for the new governmentZoranZaev, as Milopsoski said, is known as the prime minister who promised that Google and Facebook are “waiting at the border” to invest in Macedonia, four years have passed and Facebook and Google are still “waiting at the border “.

“That is why every promise for economic progress and investments is a big lie as it was,” said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE MP Miloshoski.

He added that this was a government that createdloss of confidence among citizens, as in the case of Eurostandard Bank where Zaev and Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska had sensitive information and misused it to finally realize that they knew about the risky placements, and the minister and their relatives withdrew their deposits.

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