Xhaferi in a quarrel with the MPs: Why don’t we all just fight in here!


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, evidently outraged, scolded the MPs because of the language used on the rostrum and the insulting words that the MPs addressed to each other.

After failing to calm them down, Xhaferi called on the MPs that he has no technical possibilities to interrupt them, but that he can remove them if the rules are not followed for the third time since the warning.

Concluding his address, MP Igor Janushev thumped the parliament rostrum with his hand, for which he received a strong applause from party members, but also a warning from Speaker TalatXhaferi.

“Where have you seen shouting and hitting in a Parliament? Why don’t we all just fight in here! Do not warn me. Do not shout at me while I am talking, Igor,” Xhaferi told Janushev in a sharp tone. “You should know that you are in Parliament, not at a party conference. You are no longer in the campaign and that is not done there,” Xhaferi said.

The reactions of the MPs follow the speech of MP Igor Janushev who called Zaev a top-shop prime minister- delegate because he always said and promised that he could do more.

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