Zaev and Angelovska’s private companies receive state anti-crisis aid as hundreds of companies close down


Opposition VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski reiterated in a statement to the media on Monday that people were suffering in the midst of an epidemic, energy prices were rising, the economy was sinking, while the finance minister was saving money from a declining bank and taking money from the state budget for her company.

” ZoranZaev’s company owes an answer to the public for all suspicions of illegalities related to now former Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska. The private companies of Zaev and Nina Angelovska received state anti-crisis aid while hundreds of companies were forsed to close down. Zaev should answer how his former minister used over half a million denars of state aid for her private company while hundreds of others have closed their businesses.

Zaev’scompany Elenicaalso received state aid of over 800 thousand denars. “Is the money for state anti-crisis aid intended to fill the private pockets of government politicians,” Stoilkovski said.

He said that although Angelovska was not part of the government, it did not mean that she can escape responsibility.

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