Stoilkovski: Zaev and Angelovska should return the money they took for their private companies


The Public Prosecutor’s Office must take a stand and put itself above Zoran Zaev’s party interests. Zoran Zaev, from the position of Prime Minister, and Nina Angelovska from the position of Minister of Finance, paid anti-crisis aid to their companies. Namely, Zoran Zaev gave over 800 thousand denars of state anti-crisis aid for his family company that makes millions – Elenica, while Nina Angelovska gave financial aid to her internet trading company WebSpot in the amount of over half a million denars. Both of them, from the position of government officials, gave money to their private companies from the state budget, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told the media on Tuesday.

“Zoran Zaev is the Prime Minister again, and Nina Angelovska is not on the list of ministers, but that does not absolve her from responsibility for the irregularities committed during the performance of her function.

We have reasonable doubt that in the case the crime was committed – Abuse of official position and authority under Article 353 paragraph 5 of the Criminal Code, which caused damage to the funds from the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia,

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