School year will end June 10, and all students will be graded in person


The school year will end June 10, and all students, and those who will attend in-person classes and online classes, will be graded in person, said today the Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska.

The government last week postponed the start of the academic year 2020/2021 and instead of September 1, it will start on October 1, under special protocols and plans for the program.

“The school year usually starts September 1, but as in special circumstances, as it is now, it will start on October 1. We are working on shortened programs. The law guarantees that the part-time program will not be less than 100 hours. This time the Bureau for Development of Education is cutting the programs for only the number of days that should exceed June 10, so that we can finish the school year on June 10. We will have 159 days to adapt to the program, instead of 180.
The program is being amended due to the fact that classes will only last 30 minutes. Grading guidelines are also being drafted,” the Minister said.

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