SSM proposes several conditions for retirement


The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) is pleased that their proposal to introduce more conditions for retirement has been accepted, but it will be further considered which of the conditions will be taken into account.

In mid-July, SSM once again publicly asked for consideration of their proposals, expressed through the views of workers, immediately after the election of the new Government, because they believe that workers from different industries, who have different workloads, cannot retire under the same conditions.

SSM, in addition to the existing condition for retirement, demanded the introduction of several other conditions.

The requirements are old age pension, i.e. 35 years of work experience for women, 40 years of work experience for men, regardless of age.  A pension according to age or length of service, depending on the profession.

The union explains that the workers in the country are employed in different professions and perform work tasks in different conditions. Therefore, according to them, it is necessary for the law to provide different retirement conditions for a construction worker, textile worker or miner, unlike workers who, for example, are employed in the administration.

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