Mandate letter from the people to Zaev – give 40 thousand unemployed their jobs back, help the growers and restore the price of electricity


Instead of solving the problems of the citizens, which are largely the result of the irresponsible rule of his old and new government, Zoran Zaev wastes time on shows and populism. Zoran Zaev cannot solve problems, because he is the source of those problems. This government is the same old government that creates economic tsunamis, injustices, path decisions, the most corrupt country in Europe, a hybrid regime,” VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janushev told the media on Friday.

“Therefore, instead of Zaev giving mandate letters, the people are handing Zaev a mandate letter in which they demand:

  1. To bring back to work the 40 thousand who lost their jobs during the crisis due to poor and untimely economic measures.
  2. To help the growers who at the peak of the grape harvest do not know if their grapes will be bought at all and at what price.
  3. To return the old price of electricity, because the electricity is expensive and the people are poor.
  4. To reduce the price of gasoline by abolishing the increased excise tax.
  5. To compensate one hundred percent the deceived depositors from Eurostandard Bank, and to find out which companies from Strumica are receiving loans without coverage.
  6. Responsibility for Zaev’s Minister Nina Angelovska, who, unlike thousands of other citizens, withdrew her money from Eurostandard Bank on time.

    7. Absolute justice for all, to get rid of the judiciary and the prosecution.

  7. Immediately solve the problem with children in kindergartens who are at risk due to the coronacrisis and for whom there is no adequate space for care.
  8. Let’s see the plan for the collapse that is happening in education, the Republic of Macedonia is one of the few countries where the start of the school year is late, and the crisis that lasts from March has surprised government institutions that unfortunately still do not have any plan.
  9. Filipche to resign from the Ministry of Health because his incompetence is paid by the people with his health and life.
  10. Zaev to stop distributing hundreds of thousands of denars of state salaries, because the people have no bread.
  11. Zaev to stop spending millions of euros for the purchase of expensive and luxury cars, almonds and hazelnuts because one hundred thousand citizens live on less than 50 denars per day.
  12. Solve dozens of unsolved murders, arson of homes and cars.
  13. To stop distributing criminal tenders in a hotel in Eastern Macedonia.
  14. Finally to hit the mafia that is one and the same with the government, starting from Zaev to the proceedings for Den Donchev and Diamed, for Rashkoski and Leonardo, for the officials caught with cocaine, for the mayor smuggler of cigarettes and everyone else, and they are not few.

Zaev, you must implement this mandate letter urgently and immediately until the end, otherwise the people demand the mandate back. And just to remind you- that there will be responsibility for incompetence and crime.”

You can hear his statement below.

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