Government gives green light to the Post Office for negotiations with banks


The Macedonian Post received the green light on Thursday from the Government to negotiate with the banks for the execution of the payment operations, which was interrupted by the collapse of Eurostandard Bank. This was decided at the government session at which the point was announced by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, before the awarding of mandate letters to the new ministers.

The Post Office had an exclusive 15-year contract with Eurostandard Bank to conduct payment operations at over 300 of its counters across the country. However, after the revocation of the license and the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings for the bank, the post office lost the opportunity to make payment operations, but also to pay pensions and social assistance, which meant great losses for the post office.

At a meeting at the Government, the company’s union pointed out that the prolongation of the problem seriously disrupted the operation of the Post Office, as well as that about 2,300 employees fear for their salaries and jobs.

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