Taravari: SDSM is silent about the DUI cowboys, it does not solve cases


SDSM is silent about the DUI cowboys and attacks the municipalities led by the Alliance of Albanians, sending various inspections every day in Gostivar, Vrapciste and Bogovinje, said  Gostivar Mayor Arben Taravari at Friday’s press conference.

“Instead of the Government finding the “Boki 13” bag worth 1.5 million euros, or to solve the case of Magyar Telekom, which brought the final conclusion before the New York Court, or the case of Den Donchev, or the DUI cowboys who shoot at weddings, but none of these cases have been solved,” Taravari said.
He stressed that they were not against the controls of the inspectorates, but that they should go to the municipalities managed by DUI, such as Tetovo and where there were over 500 employees.

Taravari added that they were not afraid of the SDSM-DUI government and that they would be a thorn in their side.

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