VMRO-DPMNE: They spent the three largest budgets that Macedonia has ever had and did nothing!


Zaev’s old-new tender government can be neither honest nor responsible. Everything they promised in the previous term was lying, everything they promise is now lying again, says VMRO-DPMNE.

“They are only functional when it comes to crime, corruption and personal enrichment. Macedonia during Zaev’s rule became the most corrupt country in Europe according to Transparency International. Officials from the same government were directly involved in Racket 1, Racket 2, Leonardo, REK Bitola and a number of other scandals worth millions of euros. Tenders, innovation grants and subsidies have been and are being distributed to firms of officials and firms close to the government as the economy sinks and the people become poorer. All this is done before the eyes of the “Louis Vuitton” judiciary that does not move a finger to sanction such corruption. On the contrary, the “Louis Vuitton” judiciary has put itself in full swing for the political persecution of Zaev’s dissidents and the trading of justice for millions of euros.”

“They spent the three largest budgets that Macedonia has ever had and again did nothing, because corruption and crime ate them. To cover their irresponsibility, they owed the citizens a billion euros of new debt in just a few months, increased the price of electricity by 7.5% and increased the excise tax on fuels by 3 denars.”

“Such a government with such dishonest staff and criminal activities cannot make Macedonia a European country,” the party said.


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