Opposition accuses ruling coalition of passing 200m-euro DUP in favor of controversial businessman


The criminal coalition of SDSM and DUI adopted a Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) in the amount of 200 million euros in favor of a controversial Serbian businessman, said VMRO-DPMNE  Vice President MP AleksandarNikoloski on Saturday.

As Nikoloski points out, far from the general public, on August 31 this year, just one day after the formation of the old-new government of SDSM and DUI in the Municipal Council of Tetovo, where SDSM and DUI also have a majority, a detailed urban plan was approved that brings crime, corruption as well as a serious regional controversial context.

Nikolovski specified that the detailed urban plan completely disturbs the balance and urban living in the city. This DUP envisages construction of 230,000 square meters, of which apartments as much as 140,000 square meters, and about 80,000 square meters of business buildings. This means about 2,000 new apartments in Tetovo with around 8,000 new inhabitants, as well as business buildings that will additionally burden the city.

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