Zaev and Ahmeti need to answer why they allowed EUR200 million worth corruption scandal of controversial businessman Daka


In an interview with Sitel TV, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said that the government had allowed multimillion-dollar businesses of controversial figures from the region in the country, a mega affair and a corruption scandal worth 200 million euros.

Nikoloski reminded the public that during the elections the controversial businessman said that he gave 300 thousand euros in bribes, and he confirmed the same later in a written statement, after which giving a bribe is a crime, Nikoloski says that in the same conversation SHIK Jelak was mentioned , owned by controversial businessman Miodrag Davidovic Daka.

How is it possible that such multi-million businesses are awarded to controversial figures, to a person known in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia as a supporter of radical factions and an opponent of the Euro-Atlantic integration of the region, Nikoloski asked.

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