Cuculovski: We have two parallel governments and two parallel societies


Renown Philosophy Professor Ljubomir Cuculovski points out that the existence of the Macedonian nation, history and language as today has never been questioned, and assesses that for “all the evil these past few years” inflicted on the Macedonian state the only culprit is the “illegal, illegitimate” government led by Zoran Zaev.

“We not only have two parallel governments, but there are also two parallel societies, conditionally speaking, in the Macedonian state. One society is conditionally called Macedonian, the other parallel society is Albanian. Just a small example – there is, say, a Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia that is purely ethnically built. So parallel institutions are being built that can serve as a good basis for the future’s and formal proclamation not only of forming two governments, of two parallel societies, but also of separating those two social communities because someone will supposedly conclude that life and coexistence is impossible,”  Cuculovski pointed out.

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