Kindergartens reopen under strict rules


Kindergartens across the country were closed for six months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and today they reopen their doors for the children. The rooms have been cleaned and disinfected, the cutlery is new and clean, as well as the toys kindergartens own have been disinfected.

The children will have their temperature taken, there will be mandatory hand disinfection and medical confirmation that the child is healthy. All employees must wear face masks, as for the groups – a maximum of 6 children is allowed in the smaller groups and a maximum of 15 in the larger groups according to the protocols from the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

“All stakeholders having a part in the safety chain in the kindergartens should demonstrate utmost responsibility, starting from the centers themselves, their staff as well as the parents who take their children to the kindergartens. And also, the Ministry has a responsibility, too, for the little ones to be safe there,” said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Shahpaska.

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