A third of companies have blocked accounts, but those owned by the Prime Minister and former Finance Minister receive state aid


While the companies owned by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and former Minister of Finance Nina Angelovsk in the height of the economic crisis received help from the state treasury, more than a third of the companies in the country have blocked accounts. According to the latest report of the National Bank, in June the accounts of 25,603 legal entities were blocked, i.e. almost 34% of the total number of active companies in the country.

Experts and the business community say that the COVID-19 crisis has only further aggravated the liquidity situation of companies.

“It’s a compilation of problems or a way of functioning. Recently, the crisis has taken its toll, many companies have closed and intend to close,” said Mile Boskov, President of the Business Confederation of Macedonia.

The question now is how many people, employees in these companies, are not paid or their salaries are late in times of crisis? The government had a set of anti-crisis measures that, among other things, were aimed at Macedonian companies.

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