VMRO-DPMNE suspects the fire in a government building burned documentation indicating financial embezzlement


Yesterday we witnessed another extremely suspicious fire that happened right behind me in this building, in the state environmental inspectorate. The fire that broke out at the state inspectorate for environment quite accidentally or extremely suspiciously, affected exactly the part where documents and archives are stored from the same institution, i.e. the state inspectorate for environment, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson DimcheArsovski.

Arsovski pointed out that the competent institutions must say that they contained documents that were burned, and about which there is no information so far.

“Is it true that documents and reports that indicated the misuse of money from projects from European funds that were stored right here in the State Environmental Inspectorate, intended for this institution, were burned? According to our information, the same projects were at the disposal of persons who are members of SDSM? Let’s remind you that this is not the first case of fire that has occurred in recent years while this government is in power,” Arsovski said.


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