Janushev: 6.2 million euros state tender for SDSM financier, another protest in front of the Regulatory Commission


Twenty hours after the protest against the increase in electricity prices, in which citizens demanded cheaper electricity, professionalization of the regulatory commission and the resignation of party installations in the commission headed by President Marko Beslimoski, there is absolute silence from the government, Zoran Zaev and his installations in the Regulatory Commission, said VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janushev.

He emphasizes that the government responds to the demands of the citizens with such silence is because the government and Zaev’s mafia resist the reactions to the increase in the price of electricity because they have a business interest in it.

Yesterday, the businessman Siljan Miceski publicly said that he was a financier of SDSM. That is nowhere in the financial report of SDSM. But that’s why this document appeared the same day he said that.

This is an agreement for coal mine with REK Bitola worth 6 million and 250 thousand euros. So, the SDSM financier who says to himself that he financed them, and that is not mentioned anywhere in the party’s report, received a job worth 6 million 250 thousand euros from REK Bitola for coal mining.

The increase in the price of electricity means business for SDSM. The Mafia continues to make a profit. The Mafia continues with their businesses.


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