Historian of the Macedonian-Bulgarian dispute: You cannot play poker at the table and bid on historical figures


The prominent Macedonian historian Professor TodorChepreganov points out that, unfortunately, there is a total destruction of everything Macedonianat the moment.

“What is happening now is a friendship with blackmail. It is not a sincere friendship with neighbors. They want to achieve through blackmail everything they have failed to achieve in these 150 years. So everything from the denial of the Macedonian nation, identity, language and culture, collective memory, I would call this is the last season of the series of the Macedonian question that lasts 150 years and which will now have its end. Unfortunately, the end is in the hands of Macedonian politicians,” said Chepreganov.

Chepreganov added that during this period we were witnessing how Bulgarian politicians were intensifying the issue with GoceDelchev.

“GoceDelchev is the connection of Macedonianism. You cannot argue like that, you cannot play poker at the table and bet on historical figures and events from your own history. Bulgarians have their own collective memory, we have our own collective memory. Macedonians have their own history, Bulgarians have their own history,” said Chepreganov.

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