After healthcare, the education system has also collapsed


VMRO-DPMNE’s IlijaDimovski wrote on Facebook that after the healthcare system, our education system has also collapsed.

“Artan, we do not need subsidies for employment, because with such chaos in education, of course all new generations will escape to work in construction throughout Austria and Italy…

We have reached the bottom

After the healthcare system, our educational system is also collapsing.

The Republic of Macedonia is the last country to start its educational cycle and school year…

Check the dates when the school year has already started in the countries of the region:

– Croatia 07.09.2020;

– Serbia 01.09.2020;

– Bulgaria 15.09.2020;

– Kosovo 14.09.2020;

– Albania 14.09.2020;

– Greece 07.09.2020 (earlier than usual to make up for lost time);

– Bosnia and Herzegovina 01.09./07.09.2020;

– Slovenia 01.09.2020;

– Turkey 31.08.2020 (three weeks earlier than usual);

– Romania 14.09.2020.

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