Opposition MP insists parliament adopts declaration on Macedonian identity


MP Antonio Miloshoski from the ranks of opposition VMRO-DPMNE On Thursday proposed that the Macedonian Parliament, as a counter-response to the Bulgarian National Assembly,should adopt a joint declaration.

“Europe and its motto ‘united in diversity’ should apply to Macedonia and we believe that there should be no negotiations on those issues, on the contrary, those issues should be supported by all political parties in the Republic of Macedonia that should not be negotiated. , on the contrary, they should be affirmative.It would be good for the Parliament as a counter response to the Bulgarian National Assembly to adopt a joint declaration in which the identity of the Macedonian people, the uniqueness of the Macedonian language and all other cultural and national features would be jointly affirmed and thus affirmed as part of European values of the cultural and national identities of this continent,” Miloshoski said.

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