The beginning of the school year will be a real fiasco


We cannot but have a confrontation with the government on this important issue such as education. On an issue such as the start of the school year, which has not started yet, it is doomed, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Ane Lashkoska at the parliamentary debate on amendments to the Law on Primary Education regarding the start of the school year scheduled for October 1.

The opposition notes the government’s unpreparedness and lack of listening to the demands and interests of neither the children, nor the parents, nor the employees.

“I am convinced that the beginning of the school year will be a real fiasco. There are many ambiguities among everyone, students, teachers, they do not even know how and when the school year will start. Imagine there was no training for teachers on how to work during a coronavirus pandemic. It does not matter exactly how the online teaching will take place,” Lashkoska pointed out.

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