Subsidizing employees on ethnic grounds will be realized!        


As ministers and directors, we are obliged to fully realize what is provided in the Government Program in order to meet the demands of the citizens and to meet their expectations. As Minister of Economy, I will make maximum efforts to implement the measure for subsidized employment in the private sector on ethnic grounds, said Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi on Monday.

“The measure is not just for one ethnicity, but applies to all private companies that are managed or owned by someone from one ethnic community, and employ people from other ethnic communities to be subsidized by the Government. It does not mean that it applies only to Albanians, Turks or Macedonians. This means that any private company founded and run by an Albanian employs a Macedonian will be supported by the Government and vice versa. It will be done in an inclusive way to bring the citizens closer,” said Bekteshi.

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