Tripunovski: Growers throw grapes in the dump due to poor purchase and miserable prices


The situation with the purchase of grapes is alarming, warned Cvetan Tripunovski on Saturday.

“The harvest is in progress, and the purchase is not or is miserable 6-7 denars per kilogram. This is a certificate for delivered grapes that confirms this.

As an additional Deputy Minister of the MAFWE during the caretaker government in February, I warned that the government has no concept how to solve the purchase of grapes and I warned to start finding solutions, but SDSM did not obey. I warned that we will face a crisis during the purchase, because the government has no concept. Additionally, on May 25, I submitted a Request to the wine sector in MAFWE and to DIZ to give me data in accordance with the law, how many stocks of wine there are in the country, a request to which I was not answered. It is a data according to which a redemption strategy is further made, but which the government refused to submit to me.

SDSM did not have the capacity and did not accept any assistance. The effect is visible today – growers suffer.

Instead of in the wineries and markets, the grapes end up in the dump,” said Tripunovski.

Ten days ago, Prime Minister Zaev convinced the growers that the problem has been solved and the whole crop will be redeemed.

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