Leading infectologist warns of treatment errors and that fatality in Macedonia is worrying


Professor of Infectious Diseases Velo Markovski , renowned expert in the wider Balkans. warned that the lack of screening for children will cost Macedonia a lot in the coming period, as well as that the fatality in the country is worrying, where there are many mistakes in treating patients.

“We did not screen the children and it will cost us a lot in the next period, whether they have antibodies, whether they accidentally got the coronavirus, and if the children do not get sick they cannot even transmit the virus,” said Professor Markovski.

He pointed out that there is no mechanism for a child to catch the virus at home and transmit it, so they need to get sick or become infected to transmit it to adults, and the PCR method is not good for mass testing and does not give good results.

“Fatality in Macedonia is worrying and many mistakes are made in treatment, on the one hand it is claimed that there is an increase in COVID-19 infection, but at least 80 to 90 percent of patients are treated with two to three antibiotics, which do not work with each other, if “If they are treated with antibiotics, then it is a bacterial infection, the patients must be treated doctrinally,” said Dr. Markovski.

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