Prendzov: Should the scandals of the old-new government staff be supported?!


This government is not only not new, but it is the same one that was in power for the last three years and which started the new mandate with a big financial scandal, Ljupcho Prendzov, Member of Parliament and Vice President of the Citizen Option for Macedonia (GROM) noted on Tuesday.

Predzov criticized the government, emphasizing that not only is it not new, but it is the same one that has been in power for the last three years.

“You forget that you have been the same government for three years, the same leadership. Both in DUI and SDSM and so on. So this is roughly a government of continuity, and not a new government,” Pendzov said, noting that this “new government” does not deserve support.

“And to say that it is a new government, what should we support? Filipche’s business partner, a non-institutional, is now becoming a deputy minister. Check the lands, check the tenders, check the amounts, check the houses, and everything will become clear to you. And should we support that? That staff, is it new? “We do not know who he is?” Prendzov added.

He mentioned the latest scandal with the realization of SHIK Jelak in Tetovo, a project worth 200 million euros, which was approved by the Government in record time, without anyone asking for an account.

“What should we support – seven days after the signing of the coalition, SHIK Jelak is realized in Tetovo. The public saw that 200 million euros is charcoal. That charcoal will go somewhere, especially since we heard phone conversations about it. And none of you, as transparent, asked for the formation of a commission to investigate whether there is anything here or not. “What should we support?” Prendzov told the members of the parliamentary majority.

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