Main Skopje hospital facing collapse, the Health Fund owes money for treatment of 13,000 COVID-19 patients


The City General Hospital September 8, which functioned as the main COVID-center in Macedonia, is facing a complete financial collapse, because for six months it provided expensive antibiotic therapies for coronavirus patients, made thousands of recordings, and is now unable to procure even the basic materials for normal functioning.

Although the Skopje hospital has performed 12,000 examinations of COVID-19 patients, and records over 2,000 recovered and deceased patients, it did not receive a single penny from the state. The hospital had a financial annual plan, but an unplanned pandemic expansion ate up the budget.

None of the patients with a detected coronavirus has paid a penny out of their own pocket, and the burden will be borne by the health care, although Minister Venko Filipche is not aware that the largest COVID-center is in financial crisis.

The Public Health Fund responded that Kostov has the usual budget of 100 million denars for the management of the hospital, and that an increase is planned in the near future.

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