Online learning platform to be testedless than a week before the start of school year


Analyzes made by the Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) show that many schools have not provided technical means for attending online classes, but the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) assures that all necessary preparations are being made for a successful start of the school year from 1 October.

Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska, who had a working meeting with the teaching staff in the “Nevena Georgieva – Dunja” primary school on Thursday, says that the distance learning platform does not require any special performance to be put into operation in every school and that it is available not only on computers but also on smartphones and tablets.

“The training of the national coaches has passed. Each of them trained 40, which means that about 1,600 teachers have been trained and have now dropped the training in the schools themselves. As of today, the accounts or passwords for access of the students will be lowered, which will be submitted to the principals, and they should be lowered to the level of departments so that they can slowly enter the testing of the platform and its load in order to see the performance. Certainly there are many challenges ahead of us and that the school year will start with the hope that we will be able to move forward towards what we have planned,” Carovska said.

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