Population census to be conducted in April 2021, confirms Zaev


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stated Friday that the national census will not be postponed again and will be conducted in April 2021.

“The census will be conducted in 2021. We postponed it in 2020 for 2021 at the request of the opposition even before coronavirus pandemic. We as a country conducted more complex, more complicated field activities, such as elections, the census can be conducted in April. It is carried out according to the standards and management of Eurostat. It is implemented by the institutions and in our country, it is conducted by the State Statistical Office,” Zaev noted.

He underlined that the census is included in the budget, which should mean additional staffing.

“The State Statistical Office donated its old computers to education. They were usable, therefore new computers are being procured, which should be an integral part of conducting the census and the overall digitalization of data, which are very important to all institutions,” Zaev added.

The State Statistical Office is to procure 5,650 laptops for the upcoming census in April 2021.

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