Vitanov: Ethnicity is an unknown category in the economy


Zoran Vitanov, former Minister of Economy, in a TV debate with current Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi, pointed out that the economy does not know any affiliation, but knows competencies, and that DUI has been creating affiliation policies for 19 years, and Macedonia is still at the bottom in Europe.

“The economy does not recognize such a thing, the economy knows competencies, the economy does not know affiliation,” Vitanov said.

He also told Minister Bekteshi that those who talk about affiliation do not understand the economy, it may be politics, but it is detrimental to the economy and companies.

“If you want a company to fail, let the criterion be affiliation, if you want a company to be competitive, the criterion should be competencies, everything else is nonsense and a waste of money and time, because we spent a quarter of a century talking about affiliations, when we need to talk about competencies,” Vitanov added.

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