Macedonians with expired passports around the world will not be able to get a passport any time soon


Macedonian citizens who are abroad and whose passport has expired will not be able to get a passport soon. Although they have been asking teams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a long time to come to their countries to take their data and take photos, this will not be possible any time soon.

The reason is clear and that is the coronary crisis and strict travel protocols. On top of that, there are a lot of requests, from New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, but mostly from Germany. But the MFA has only one portable device and it is impossible to get anywhere.

The plan that was made for this year has been changed and now another one is made for 2021. They do not know when they will reach all the countries.

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Macedonian citizens to come to their home country and get a passport here, which even if the necessary documents to come home have expired, they will receive at the nearest consulate or embassy.

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