68% of purchases during the coronacrisis were made in violation of the law


One glove cost 1.8 denars, but also 9.32 denars. Protective suit cost from 177 to 1156 denars. Government agencies spent more than a million euros a month on emergency procurement during the coronacrisis.

The Center for Civil Communications in the latest report that analyzes the period from March to August concludes that for 68% of the concluded contracts the law was violated and they were not made public within the deadline, for every third contract negotiated with one bidder, there is no precise description of products that are procured, and prices for the same product are significantly different.

Out of the total 6.76 million euros spent, the Ministry of Interior spent the most for urgent procurements, 2.2 million euros, followed by the Ministry of Health, the Clinic for Traumatology, the City Hospital September 8 and MANU.

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