SDSM government overestimated itself and underestimated teachers, parents and students


The failed tiral ended. The government led by SDSM not only overestimated itself, but also underestimated the entire teaching staff, all parents and even all students. They did not assure us that in a month they can do something that cannot be implemented, said Marija Miteva from the ranks of opposition VMRO-DPMNE at Thursday’s press briefing.

At the very beginning of the school year, according to the Union of High School Students, over 80 thousand students do not have basic conditions for attending online classes. Their request for introduction of a combined model of education is not allowed by the Ministry of Education and Science. Students rightly fear that this school year may be lost.
The change of minister cannot be used as justification. The government and most of the ministers are the same, only with changed departments. If the Government thought at least a little bit about education, it would have worked at this pace for the whole last semester. But for them, holding elections and conducting an institutional campaign was a priority.

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