Tetovo high schoolers boycott online classes, want to go to school


Some of the high school students from several high schools where classes are held in Albanian language gathered in front of the high school “Kiril Pejcinovic” in Tetovo around 13:30 h and thus boycotted the online learning. The high school students think that they should go to school and announced that in the coming days they will not participate in the online classes.

“We are high school students, we are not against anyone, but we want to go to school. We have never stated that we want to attend online classes. We just want to be in school, as everyone has the right to education. If there are 200-300 people waiting in front of the banks and inside, there are 100 of us in a generation who can be in class. If we need online classes, we should buy computers and telephones, things that are needed, but the state does not provide them, says Enes Asani, a third-year student at the “Kiril Pejcinovic” high school.

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