Zaev to fulfill what he promised – urgent purchase and 10 million euros are needed for vine growers


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski demanded urgent purchase and 10 million euros for vine growers that Zaev fulfill what he promised in 2016.

“I also said in the campaign that the green mafia reigns in Macedonia and it eats the trouble of Macedonian farmers, and when the campaign started sometime in June it was difficult to see purchasing one kilogram of cucumbers for five denars, it is even sadder to see these days purchasing one kilogram of grapes for one and a half or two denars,” said Nikoloski.

Nikoloski explained that in order for a farmer to earn 100 euros, he needs to sell between three and four and a half thousand kilograms of grapes, which is a sad truth for Macedonian farmers.

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