Construction of announced 16 COVID-19 centers prolonged, hospitals use alternative solutions


The prolongation of the construction of 16 COVID-19 centers in the country in anticipation of the expected autumn wave, made the Gevgelija General Hospital with expanded activity, to find an alternative solution for appropriate treatment of infected patients with a milder clinical picture, informed the director of the hospital, Dr. Mitko Krdjev.

“We partitioned the part of the hospital that served for the reception and treatment of migrants and adapted it for COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms who should receive an infusion during treatment, and swabs of patients who are suspected of covid-19 will continue to be taken in the existing PE point of the center for public health,” said Krdjev.

After receiving the results, he explained, in this part that will function as a day hospital, patients with positive results will be received who will receive infusion and other appropriate therapy, after which they will be released to go home.


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