Mickoski: I will never negotiate with criminals!


They have been in power for four years with the promise that they will bring justice, and for 4 years we have seen only injustice. The best proof that we have injustice is that for 4 years no minister, director or mayor was held accountable for abuse or crime. We have become a country in which even petty thieves are not held accountable, but become a benchmark for successful businessmen with stolen money, and the mafia only recognizes cash, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at Saturday’s protest in Skopje.

“There can be no rule of law until it is clear how people were detained to vote in parliament for what you did. Yes, I did not agree with you and it is good that those mercenaries who accused me of negotiating, it is good that the Macedonian public heard that I did not negotiate, and I tell you that there is no intention to negotiate with criminals like you. I will never negotiate with criminals, at any cost,” Mickoski said.

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