Arsovski: The measure “weekend without VAT” is extremely populist and unrealistic


VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski assessed as populist and unrealistic the new anti-crisis measures taken by the Government, which adopted the budget rebalance for the second time this year, as well as the harmful policies that the ruling SDSM has been adopting for the past four years.

Regarding the “weekend without VAT” Arsovski stressed that the measure is extremely populist and unrealistic, but on top of that it is a belated measure, because the Government promised four weekends without VAT, not one. Also, those four weekends were supposed to happen in September, and not now in October, said Arsovski.

“Citizens demanded VAT-free weekends because the government promised them a long time ago and because of that pressure, now the government has given in and decided to have only one VAT-free weekend in October. It does not represent any relief for the citizens, because the citizens in this crisis did not receive any help from the state and do not have money to spend, let alone expect a VAT refund “, added Arsovski.

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