Danilovski: There is no control and it is only symbolic on the ground, this is why the numbers are a disaster


High numbers were expected, but not so fast and not so abruptly. The reason for the situation in Macedonia, leading epidemiologist in the country Dragan Danilovski sees in the delayed restrictive measures and insufficient inactivity of the institutions.

“Where is the control? None so far, or just symbolic. Inspections are impotent. They had no authority to intervene on the spot. And they had to patrol preventively and act to take care and punish for non-compliance with the protocols. Such a jump as now should not have been allowed. Now we will put out the unnecessary fire,” said epidemiologist Dr. Dragan Danilovski for Alfa TV.

The packed markets and grocery stores, packed buses, cafes and restaurants, this is what should worry the health authorities, says Dr. Danilovski. It would get even worse if they don’t find a solution, warns the epidemiologist. He concisely points out that more rigorous measures are needed, and points to the curfew option.

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