Nikolovska: Impunity and political revenge are evidence of total collapse of the judicial system


In the latest edition of the show “Patot kon” on TV Alsat M, along with Deputy Minister of Justice Agim Nuhiu and SDSM MP, VMRO-DPMNE MP Ruzica Nikolovska spoke about the situation in the judiciary and the objections in the EC report in this regard.

Unlike her interlocutors, Nikoloska said that the report nowhere stated that there was progress or a serious commitment of the Government to enable progress in the judiciary.

“I tried to review the report and at no point do we have such a conclusion, such progress as it is presented today by the guests present, but on the contrary a slight wording is given to say that there is some progress but in reality we have no progress. We are talking about the judicial system, we are talking about Macedonia and its readiness and nowhere is it mentioned that there is serious progress or efforts of the Government to enable progress for the judiciary, the judicial system and the judiciary in general,” Nikoloska said.

She added that the situation in reality was completely different and the judicial system was in total collapse, as evidenced by the impunity, selective approach and political revenge that the public witnesses on a daily basis.

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