Arsovski: Top of the scandals in SDSM, hair salons and media literacy education have nothing in common  


The SDSM scandals have reached their peak. Lidija Dimova awarded 270,000 euros to her friend, i.e. awarded grants for media literacy education in the digital environment of the hairdressing salon, , VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski reacted at a press conference.

“According to the photo behind me, which is visible to the media, we can see a rather relaxed atmosphere in the bar where the grant winner and owner of the hairdresser Zlatkovski are sitting, as well as the director of the agency that awards the money, Lidija Dimova. The director appointed by SDSM. It is clear from the picture that the two know each other quite well and are close. Additionally, Zoran Zlatkovski was a trainer hired through the agency for projects in the Erasmus + program, i.e. hired as an external collaborator,” said Arsovski.

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