Dimitrov: EU not worthy of trust if it allows language issue to impede our country’s integration


If the EU allows the Macedonian language issue to obstruct the country’s European integration than this is not an organization that deserves to be called European nor worthy of our trust, Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov told Sunday an event in Prilep on the occasion for National Uprising Day.

He stressed that maturity and respect are necessary to build friendship.

“Those who want to be our friends have to accept us for who we are and the language we speak, which is Macedonian. We can’t build friendship without basic respect. No country in the world has the right to violate our right of self-determination,” Dimitrov told the event.

In March, the European Union decided on the unconditional start of accession talks with North Macedonia. In September, Bulgaria sent an explanatory memorandum to EU member states, claiming that the Macedonian language does not exist and is a dialect of the Bulgarian language.

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