Macedonia observes October 11 – National Uprising Day


Sunday marks 79 years of National Uprising Day of Macedonia or Day of the National Uprising of the Macedonian people known only as October 11 – a national holiday celebrated in Macedonia. The uprising is against fascism and with that the struggle for the liberation of the Macedonian people begins. It is an important milestone in the struggle for self-sufficiency and independence of the Macedonian people. With its armed struggle, Macedonia did not become a quisling territory, but, on the contrary, a hot spot for the occupier and contributed to the victory over fascism in World War II.

The rebellion to liberate the country from Bulgarian, Italian and German occupying forces began after the first Prilep partisan unit attacked the Bulgarian police station and the telephone network in Prilep on Oct. 11, 1941. The next day, the partisans of the Kumanovo unit also organized an attack.

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