EU sends further protective equipment to Macedonia


prison on Monday.

“I will report myself for serving the prison sentence, I have not submitted a request for postponement,” says Kicheec told TV 24.

A judge for execution of sanctions decided Monday, October 12, to be his term to report on his own to the Shutka Prison.
The European Union is sending further protective medical equipment to the Western Balkans, the European Commission said.

As the number of coronavirus cases is on the rise across Europe, the EU via the rescEU common European reserve and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism is sending more than 130,000 additional protective masks and gowns to North Macedonia and Montenegro on top of previous deliveries.

According to Brussels, rescEU – the common European reserve of medical equipment is created to help countries affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

This support comes on top of 520,000 masks already delivered from the rescEU reserve, as well as in-kind assistance provided to countries in need via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

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